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“Can we hang down, in the same way buddies?” I became in a negative mood for the remainder day

“Can we hang down, in the same way buddies?” I became in a negative mood for the remainder day

I became in a negative mood for the remainder time.

I shouldn’t care but I did like I knew. I assume it is impractical to escape that sense of rejection, specially when you understand how difficult it really is to find somebody you’re interested in. The longer I’m in Los Angeles, the less we see viable choices for possible boyfriends/lovers/husbands/dates. It is perhaps maybe not that there aren’t quality individuals right here, it is which they all have A.D.D. as they are interested in something which perhaps doesn’t exist (am We achieving this?). With my two exes, i recall fulfilling them and thinking, “Oh, this is exactly what I happened to be searching for.” It is known by you once you notice it. And we saw it in Tom.

I had a mini-epiphany after I stopped being all butt hurt about getting the “let’s be friends” text. We don’t actually would like a boyfriend and I also don’t understand what i truly desired from Tom. I’d been clinging to your concept of him rejecting me personally because i really like rejection. I’ve a fetish for considering myself as an underdog. But frankly we just wasn’t the flavor of frozen dessert he desired and literally don’t have any control over exactly what taste I am (most likely vanilla, FUCK the LIFE). I suppose with dating I’m simply trying to discover the section of myself that is desirable, intimate, and also to simply assert that We continue to exist, I’m not hidden.

I really think it had been actually courageous of him become since direct as he had been. Within the chronilogical age of ghosting, it is pretty rare for anyone to be completely truthful. The utilization of the “let’s be buddies” trope felt just a little contrived for me, but there’s really no alternative way to state what he had a need to state. We really got plenty of laughs (love to myself, in the home, alone) thinking about this because I’d invited him up to make art and I also had been attempting to imagine exactly what it could have now been like if we’d been making art as such a thing apart from buddies. Like if we’d been doing it as fiances, would we be wedding that is wearing and tuxes? If we’d done it as boyfriends would both of us be drawing on a brilliant long little bit of spaghetti while drawing until we inadvertently kissed? The actual quantity of time we spent daydreaming regarding how funny it might are to possess a performative/canoodling few art-making evening is sort of unfortunate.

Eventually the things I discovered with this rejection that is particular exactly just exactly how interested and enthusiastic about rejection i will be. We look for it down. It fits to the narrative of my entire life that I’ve created for which I’m constantly victimized by various life circumstances. But I was taught by this experience that rejection is actually based more about who your partner is than who you really are. Their preferences and desires are colored by their life experience, and you also can’t be held accountable for just what they desire or want that is don’t.

We had fundamentally written Tom off because not interested until he delivered me personally a gym selfie a couple of days later on. I possibly could be completely incorrect right right here, however the means We interpret a gymnasium selfie from a guy you’re massively into is “Hey look within my sweaty, gorgeous human body, We clearly have always been at minimum on some base degree. into you sufficient to would like you to want me” thus I invited him to come over and then make art with me within my destination (i understand, i will destroy myself). He accepted, then again delivered probably the most text that is terrifying. “Can we ask you one thing…”

So I’m actually pretty pleased with just just just how this specific narrative ended. We made a fresh buddy (perhaps, that I have an insane rejection fetish until he reads this) and learned. I reckon that’s one of several upsides of singledom and dating. You learn one thing brand brand new about your self with every brand new individual you meet.

Now if you’ll reason me personally I’m likely to drown myself in a bathtub of goddamn vanilla ice cream.